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To Spencer Katmai Dahl

A letter from your grandfather who loves you very much.  Written 6 years ago, on the occasion of your 7th birthday, which was when for some reason we thought we would be able to see you.  I sent it in a box with your birthday present, which were several, including a baseball glove and a big yellow Tonka truck.  I also found a cabbage patch doll for Emily.  The doll's name is Emily!

Only portions of the letter are here.  If you want the whole thing find a way to let me know and I'll find a way to get it to you.   It is after all a private letter.
The letter begins:

Dear Spencer,

    I have seen you only twice, once in San Francisco when you were only three years old and in Anchorage just after your Dad, my son, was killed with his friend in Utah.  I have thought of you and Emily a lot since then but more recently because you are about the age that your Dad was when I started taking him hunting with me.

    My Air Force duties were at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas.  We lived in a small town south of the Base.  Your Dad had asked to go hunting with me many times this Autumn 1967 but I thought he was too young to tag along while I hunted rabbits and quail.  But he was persistent and I finally relented and agreed to let him go with me.

................(middle part cut out)
    These things are not learned in school or on the computer and at this time in your life I long to be part of your growing-up and learning experiences.
    Spencer, always know that I love you.

                        With Love