Dullcats Scorcher R.I.P.
Dullcats Grooming Services are performed on site by me.  I have 15 years experience in washing / blow drying and making Persians beautiful.  I've groomed other breeds, but Persians seem to need it the most.  My experience is based on 15 years of breeding and raising Persian cats.  I currently have three white Persians born 6/8/2011 available to a new home.  Other breeds needing baths include Maine Coons, Ragdolls, and Exotic Shorthairs.  They always like being clean and fluffy!!

Grooming includes two shampoos, a cream rinse, a comb-out, ears, eyes cleaned and nails trimmed.  I only do cats!  The standard charge is $51 per cat.  This is the same price as Petsmart.  And, if you want your baby's tummy or knickers trimmed, including but not limited to a full shave, that is a bit extra.  If your cat is completely matted, please give me a heads up. This is a job taking a lot more time.

Please call for an appointment:  650-219-9896

We are located at 1043 Crestwood Drive in South San Francisco.